Raymond Silvestre 2021-06-05

Arrived on time, and they fit greatttt. Great deal for the price, I went to the gym already ,classic, comfy, and for casual use they are awesomeee!!!!

Debrina Maria 2021-06-05

Son needed for work. This is the 2nd pair because he lost the first pair! But they are great shoes. Comfortable to wear 8 hours shifts standing up.

JDtruckin 2021-06-04

The shoe is holding up great and feels like it will continue to do so. Great for casual, walking & weightlifting. I love 'em.

pete and michelle 2021-06-07

I bought them for my son for basketball. He says they are great, not heavy and they don't slip alot on the basketball court.

Kody Boye 2021-06-05

I like them. They’re well sized, stylish, and reasonably priced. Most of all, they’re comfortable.