Carol Tauscher 2021-06-05

Sneakers not cheaply made, they are very comfortable, warm, lightweight and breathable this could be used to everyday walking.

Lauren Schmidt 2021-06-01

Thick and light soles soft and easy to walk. Good shape and decor. Sewing line and sealed glue are good and fine. Good work!

Nancy Kneece 2021-06-04

These shoes (I have 2-3 different pairs because the colors are awesome) are just such a wonderful fit and they're so comfy.

IOCitizen 2021-06-12

They look perfect and feel perfect! I do weight training and cardio 6 days a week and these get the job done very well.

Pat Dubrule 2021-06-14

These shoes fit my hubby just right, very good looking shoes and well worth the price.