kay 2021-06-02

they fit perfectly! it took a few months to break them in and also it took time to put them on but it was worth it. I love them, they look really cute

Jai 2021-06-13

I needed them RIGHT AWAY! They were freshhhhhh! Clean and sexy! You can never go wrong with classic Air Jordan on this color. Fits perfect.

joshua 2021-06-07

I love these shoes. I buy the same style over and over for running. Light weight and cute, I want to make clear that I give 5 stars.

maddie 2021-06-01

Wasn’t expecting these to come out so nice, great quality. honestly love these ones more than the ones i bought directly from nike.

Cynthia Pringle 2021-06-14

I don't really wear sneakers much anymore, but I know I'll need them every once in a while.
This is a classic, nice brown sneaker.