Air Jordan 1 Low 'Rivals' CJ9216-051

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Air Jordan 1 Low ''Rivals''

Georgie 2021-06-13

I wear it for my personal training workouts. I then started jumping rope wearing them, then started pushing the damn sled. If felt good and held up fine. It doesn't look like a sneaker. More like half shoe half sneaker. Very versatile product that looks good and is easy to wear.

Jeff Goetz 2021-06-02

better than most, and I am happy with it. It is pretty good quality, low cost, comfortable, water/weather resistant, and handsome. Completes the task well, a grade A shoe, one of my favorites.

Robert M. Falkenberg 2021-06-12

I got them Thursday and they are comfortable to walk in. I do recommend this kind os shoe to anyone who wants to walk around in a comfortable shoe.

Milen 2021-06-12

I truly love these shoes! I wear these instead of regular shoes to work because my feet and knees feel a lot better with these shoes.

Kimi 2021-06-01

He told me that he likes these better than his regular sneakers. AWESOME fit & feel!!!

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